Strong Commitment to Future Generations


Something magical happens when parents sit down and read to their children. PJ Library sends curated, award-winning storybooks and activities for kids from birth through age 12. This program sparks meaningful conversation and provides opportunities to explore and celebrate Jewish life together.


Our investment in PJ Library allows almost 800 children in over 400 families to receive books monthly and share Jewish stories about values and traditions that are important to them. In addition to stimulating the imagination and providing essential building blocks for literacy, we organize hands-on activities throughout the year that encourage young families to come together as a community.


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Free Jewish books for kids 0-8

Shalom Baby


If your family welcomed a baby this past year, we have a gift for you!

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Free Jewish chapter books for kids 9-11

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All Things Shabbat


Our Shabbat packet has everything you will need to enjoy Shabbat with your family. 

All Things Hanukkah


Our Hanukkah packet has everything you will need to celebrate Hanukkah with your family.



24-hour Jewish tunes for kids