4 2016

What Does Islam Look Like?

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Temple Israel 4901 Providence Rd
Charlotte, NC 28226

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Have you read the Quran? Have you walked inside a mosque? Have you had conversations with Muslims about their religion? Whether you answered "no" to all these questions or "yes" to one or more, what you know about Islam, its texts, holy places, history, and people, will be deepened by attending this upcoming series of classes, "What Does Islam Look Like?"

May 4: “What does Islam Look Like?”
May 11: “Who is Mohammed and What Does the Quran Say?”
May 18: “History: Origins Through the Golden Age”
May 25: “Understanding Contemporary Issues”

The classes will be taught by Dr. Marcy Goldstein of the Religious Studies department at UNC-Charlotte. Joining Dr. Goldstein will be Imam Khalil Akbar from Masjid Ash-Shaheed, and Imam John Ramadan from Masjid

Free for members; $36 for non-members