29 2018

Super Sunday: The Sequel

9:00AM - 9:00PM  

Sam Lerner Center for Cultural Arts 5007 Providence Road
Charlotte, NC 28226

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Super Sunday: The Sequel

Goodness is not a single act. It's the sum of many parts. Which is why Federation is always at work, powering the Jewish community in ways you might not think of, in places you'd never suspect. We're there in times of crisis, sowing the seeds of hope. We're there in quiet moments that transform lives and strengthen our legacy. Right now, thousands of people need us in a multitude of ways. This is your moment to help. Your contribution is what makes everything possible, enabling us to meet the needs of people in ways no other organization can or will.

If you have already pledged to the 2018 Annual Campaign, we thank you!  If not, please consider a meaningful pledge today.  CLICK HERE for a complete list of our 2018 allocations, or to donate online visit our website www.jewishcharlotte.org. All pledges are payable and due December 31, 2018.
So join us, and be the start of something powerful. We can't do it without you!