30 2015

Right in the Middle Mother-Daughter Conference

2:00PM - 5:00PM  

Sam Lerner Center for Cultural Arts 5007 Providence Road
Charlotte, NC 28226

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Why Do I Need to Prepare My Daughter for Middle School?

Middle school is a big deal. This is the time in a girl’s life when she begins to form a lasting sense of who she is in the world. Don’t most of us women remember our friendships, social blunders, and heartaches from middle school like it was yesterday? There are forces at work that can fill a middle school girl with doubt, particularly the media and her peers. But moms have more impact than they think in keeping those at bay. Right in the Middle is a golden opportunity for moms to help their daughters keep a strong sense of identity, self-worth, joy, and community through the middle school years.


Sponsor: Jewish Family Services