21 2018

Movie Screening - Angst, Raising Awareness Around Anxiety

2:00PM - 3:30PM  

Levine JCC, Sam Lerner Center for Cultural Arts 5007 Providence Rd.
Shalom Park
Charlotte, NC 28226

Contact Nicole Levine
704 364-6594

We all have anxious moments throughout our lifetime. Sometimes though, it is much more debilitating for some f=more than others. The movie Angst, Raising Awareness Around Anxiety is a documentary that shows the devastation anxiety can cause in a person's life. Featuring Olympian Medalist Michael Phelps and his struggles with anxiety, this movie tells the stories of kids and teens - how anxiety has affected their lives and relationships. It also shares their hope and the solutions they have found.

Funded by Jewish Federation and the Mental Health Initiative, this program is appropriate for anyone but especially kids, teens, their parents, teachers and other professionals.