3 2017

FROM KLEZMER TO “BUBBE MAYSES”: Influences And Gems Of Yiddish....

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Temple Israel 4901 Providence Rd
Charlotte, NC 28226

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Have you ever wondered or marveled at the oversize impact Yiddish culture and music have had on American popular culture? Do you remember some choice Yiddish words or expressions from your grandparents, and wish you knew more? Is there a connection between Klezmer and cartoon music? Is it true that that every curse and zinger is much juicier in Yiddish? Here’s your opportunity to delve into the origins of Yiddish, the wild and unexpected places you’ll find Yiddish, and how its influence has infiltrated American syntax, theater, Broadway, literature, movies, music of various genres, and much more. And would it be so terrible if you also learned to sing some Yiddish songs, tell a few Bubbe Mayses (wild stories) and even let fly a few dirty Yiddish words or curses? What’s not to like? So, nu? Don’t be a shmendrik! Join Reb Tzaytl (AKA Rabbi Klirs)

The above class is FREE to all Temple Israel members. Cost for non-members is $36. To register, contact the Clergy office at 704-362-2796 or by email at