18 2018

JFS: Ethical Will Workshop

10:30AM - 12:00PM  

Levinson Family Place @ LJCC 5007 Providence Rd
Charlotte , NC 28226

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Your stories could inspire those you love long after you are gone. Ethical wills, sometimes called "legacy letters", or "zava'ah" in Hebrew, have been around for centuries. They are mentioned in several places in the Bible; Jacob, Moses and David all left their accumulated wisdom and instructions clearly articulated to their heirs.

Jewish Family Services would like to offer you the chance to create your written legacy. Please join us for a special workshop, Ethical Wills: Sharing the Lessons and Legacy of Our Lives, led by Rabbi Judy Schindler. At this unique session, we will explore the components of an ethical will and begin the process of writing your own legacy letter.

Sponsor: Jewish Family Services, JFNA