17 2021

Elements of Israel

9:30AM - 10:30AM  


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The State of Israel is the vibrant, pulsating, historic, energetic, challenging and challenged heart of the Jewish People. Join us for Elements of Israel – an 8-week journey taught by renowned Israel educator Uri Feinberg. The class will explore the history of Zionism, the founding of the State of Israel, and the evolution of modern Israel. We will have an opportunity to strengthen what we already know about Israel, add information that wasn’t previously there, and regardless of our opinions about Israel, be able to ask ourselves (and maybe even answer), how does all this relate to us and why do we care? 

Tuition is $36/student for members and $54/student for non-members. This class is subsidized by the Ahavat Medinat Yisrael – The Love of Israel Endowment, established by Sam and Emily Zimmern.

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